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Data Logger Milestone, Incremental Drawings, Holidays, and Procrastination

  • Got the revised data logger hardware design done, and ordered parts. The boards came in before the holidays, but the components were delayed due to problems with the purchase order. That's been sorted out, and I'll put the new boards together this coming week.

    They're designed to work properly with the old firmware, but to benefit from new firmware whenever I get around to writing that.

  • Made incremental progress on the drawings. The only silver lining to how late they are is that the person who'd be building the enclosure is also still working through his own task queue. These should get handed off early in January, and it'll likely be built by approximately when we'd want it (end of February/beginning of March).

  • Got holiday cards and letters drawn and duplicated. The mailout went out just after Christmas, but before New Years, which is better than a few past years. Gifts that were delivered in person did have cards and letters, which was my main goal.

    There are still three cards left to send. One I need to write a braille letter for, another I need a properly confirmed address for, and the third is waiting until I've done proofreading that I'd promised that person. The first two, at least, should go out early this week.

  • Boardgaming/Ars Magica meeting has been postponed to the 6th or possibly later, due to illness (the host and his family are taking turns being sick). This will get sorted out soon enough, and that particular set of gifts exchanged in early January.

  • Holiday activity the first: working on the Ars Magica character sheet LaTeX documentclass. There's still one known bug, but most of the features work properly (the revised version automatically tracks experience, which was a feature I'd wanted for a while).

    Holiday activity the second: the Pathfinder modpack for Minecraft. I'm still playing it for the time being, but its pacing is a bit rough (different goals take very different amounts of time, without being in any particular order). Getting a nuclear reactor online made life much easier, and getting a quarry up means I now have near-unlimited raw materials even without dimension-hopping (which I did use to get diamonds and quartz, but which now isn't needed).

    Holiday to-do activities that are not likely to be finished: archiving anoter web site that I read, and writing a proper "merge multiple directory trees" script to consolidate all of my files (which will make backups much easier). Fimfiction math is also on the backburner.

  • Plan for Monday and Tuesday is relaxing. Wednesday starts the work week. Priority work tasks are the drawings and the data logger. After that, there's one more mechanical widget that needs drawings, but the software _must_ take priority (as the Big System needs to be shipped to the US by mid-February at the latest). This coming weekend is boardgaming, hopefully; the fallback date is the following weekend.

Now, relaxing and bed.
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