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Task Shuffling, Holiday Logistics, Game Prep, and Knitting/Crochet

  • Eventually backburnered the drawings, and switched to the revised data logger task (which I'm not burned out on). This is sub-optimal, but I wasn't getting much done on the drawings by the end of things, so it's still a net positive. Drawings will resume later this week (the data logger design is already submitted for fabrication).

  • Finally got the last of the paperwork needed to file the conference trip claim; this will also get done this week. I should be reimbursed some time in January/February.

  • Got some of my holiday shopping done. There are four items left to acquire; three are straightforward, and the other isn't terribly difficult either (but will arrive after Christmas).

    Badgered everyone who's getting something for me to use the online list this year. Had one (1) person do so. I am not amused. Badgering will resume shortly (there's a real risk of double-buys if they don't do this; that's why I implemented an online list in the first place).

  • Still haven't drawn the holiday card or letter. I at least know what these are going to _be_ now, but exhaustion is not conducive to artwork. Deadline panic might be; we'll see.

  • Finished the third co-worker hat, and also finished revising the Luna wall-hanging. Next up on the handicrafts list is finishing the chart for the fourth hat, getting it approved by the recipient, and seeing if I can hand it off before the end of Friday (not terribly likely). The fifth hat's contents are known, but I haven't even started the charting process for it.

  • D&D is still happening, and is still fun. The next session for that will be in January. Additionally, Ars Magica prep is now officially on; I've been having fun with my character for that (his familiar will be as fire-happy as he is).

  • Plan for Monday is ordering parts for the data logger, submitting the conference claim, and actually drawing the card and letter. Plan for the remainder of the week is enclosure work and hat-knitting. Gift acquisition will happen too. Plan for the upcoming weekend is gift delivery.

Now, bed.
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