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Deadline Slide, D&D, Knitting, Holiday Logistics, Math, and Minecraft

  • Had serious deadline slide on the enclosure drawings. Partly this was due to them being more complex than expected, partly this was due to other tasks competing for time, and partly this was due to burnout. I'm mid-way through the second of four drawings.

  • Continued gaming with the D&D 5e group in my building at the university. This is still fun, though it's very much old-school high-magic/high-fantasy D&D. I'm also slowly making progress on a 5e character sheet documentclass; this will hopefully be in usable shape before the end of the year.

  • Completed the second co-worker hat in my knitting queue; the third is in progress. The co-worker who's getting the third also asked for an additional one, and one other co-worker is still procrastinating about getting me information about what they want their hat to look like. This should keep my knitting queue full until the end of the year.

  • Finally finished the Luna wall-hanging. This is going to get further modifications to add a loop for a bar at the bottom (so that it has a weight to help keep its shape when hanging), but that's a straightforward task as long as I don't run out of yarn for it. Photos will be taken/posted after that point.

  • Started planning holiday gift logistics. I still have no idea what two thirds of my recipients want; shaking them down for that information is high on the priority list, so that I still have time to get the gifts themselves. Another friend's gift will require research and inquiries; that process has barely started. Drawing this year's card also has to happen, if I want it to arrive before 2018. Stay tuned!

  • Was pointed towards a statistical analysis of fanfiction on one of the sites that I frequent. This turned into a conversation with the author who did the analysis. The end result is that I now have their dataset and am in the process of writing scripts to do several analyses of my own (and we're still having a discussion about various approaches used for this). The results should be interesting no matter how it turns out.

  • Gave up on the Regrowth modpack for Minecraft. It was fun for a few months, but the endgame involves a lot of grinding and also involves at least two different quests of types that I don't enjoy. Started the next modpack on my list (Pathfinder) instead; so far it's kept me interested.

  • Plan for the work week is drawings, as well as prep work for making new/revised copies of an earlier widget I'd built. Plan for Thursday includes gaming. Plan for the upcoming weekend is also in theory gaming, though that may get pushed back again due to various people being ill. Auxiliary tasks for the week involve clearing a number of minor chores off of my plate, and putting together documentation for the Nightmare Moon statue (so that it can be handed off to its new owners).

Now, bed.
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