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Conference, Boardgaming, Lack of D&D, and Minor Burnout

  • Attended the conference without incident. This was more productive than I'd expected: I now have a much better idea of the spectrum of vendor offerings available than I'd gotten via the internet. While this doesn't change the design of the first-generation Big System, it does strongly influence near-term and longer-term upgrade paths.

  • Also attended a seminar on AI (mostly "deep learning" style, presented by the Alpha Go team). I'd read a moderate amount about this before, but getting details of their architecture choices and integration approach was interesting. I'm strongly tempted to write a "Reversi" AI based on it just to see how well it performs compared to more conventional implementations.

  • Ended up with sleep schedule disruption and minor burn-out at the end of conference week. As a result, I didn't get the enclosure drawings finished (this is at the top of the priority list for this coming week). Even with one day written off as a result of this, my vacation day count is still up by one due to working through last weekend at the conference.

  • University D&D didn't happen, either before or after the conference, due to other group members being away due to conference-related travel. In theory, we're having a session this Thursday; we'll see.

  • Boadgaming happened. Boardgaming was low-key but decent. Got face time with Tony and Bryan again, and got to try "Diplomacy" again (and had my fill for the next little while; losing was not particularly fun).

    There's talk of starting up an Ars Magica campaign even with just us as players; we'll see how this goes. More players would still be preferable, but we've all already asked our immediate acquaintances and have come up empty.

  • Plan for Sunday is downtime and errands. Plan for the upcoming work week is the enclosure, followed by consolidating notes from the conference trip. D&D will in theory happen as well, and possibly a flyby for maintenance at the mad science club. The upcoming weekend is uncommitted so far, and will hopefully also be downtime; we'll see.

Now, puttering and bed.
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