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Hat, D&D, Slide Show Figures, Gaming, and Conference Prep

  • Finished the hat for the co-worker who was graduating, just under the wire. It was well-received. There are two more co-worker hats in the queue (one with details specified, and one that I'm waiting on pictures for).

  • Divided my time this week between planning tasks and making slides for a presentation Prof. W. is giving at the end of the month. The slides are about half done. Next up after that is more vendor-tag and detailed drawings for the shielding enclosure.

  • Started preparing for the conference trip that's coming up. Mostly this involved shopping for clothes (done) and ordering business cards (ordered, to be picked up on Monday). At some point I'll have to get a new suit, but that can wait. New dress shoes might happen earlier (I'm undecided).

    Material-wise, I'm not presenting, so the only preparation needed will be going through the programme and vendor list to pick priority individuals/events for networking. The actual work will happen at the conference itself.

  • Sat in on my first session with the grad student D&D group. This was decent; they're new to gaming but have a good grasp on the basics. My character was well-received and contributed usefully, which bodes well for future sessions.

    Next up on that front is making a LaTeX version of my character sheet, and drawing a somewhat better sketch of the character.

  • Boardgaming happened. Boardgaming was decent. The game of the evening was Pandemic. We seem to have finally figured out a reliable strategy: Ignoring all but the worst infection points, and focusing all of our efforts on developing cures as soon as possible. Even if the board is being overrun by plagues, we still win if we have all four cures in-hand before the outbreak track reaches the bottom.

    Scientist/Researcher/Medic was the combination we used for most of these attempts. Other roles seem to be geared towards games with more people, though we could probably swap out Scientist for Dispatcher and still win (dispatcher pilots the Medic, Researcher takes cards from the Dispatcher, while both sit in Atlanta).

  • Plan for Monday is picking up business cards, and pinging vendors. Plan for Tuesday is work per normal. Plan for Wednesday involves D&D after work, plan for Thursday involves a maintenance flyby, and Friday involves packing for the conference.

    Work-wise, the item I'm most worried about is software for the Big Project, but the hard deadline for that isn't until the new year.

Now, relaxing and bed.
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