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Cable Design, Enclosure Redesign, Software Progress, Slacking Progress, and Pie

  • Got further handshaking regarding the widget-cabling that was in principle going to be finalized a month ago. It looks like we've finally arrived at a design that satisfies our requirements and that the vendor can make. Realistically, this means we might get hardware delivered by the end of this month or early next month.

    There are two additional substantial subsystems for that widget assembly that need to be designed, but it's getting there, at least.

  • Got enough pushback from the people we'd wanted to manufacture the enclosure that Prof. W. revised the requirements, and we're going with a design that more closely matches their fabrication comfort zone. Making drawings for this is one of my priority tasks for this coming week.

  • Made incremental progress on the Big Project software. One small piece of it was finished by the end of the previous week/beginning of last week, and another small piece is incrementally progressing. Prof. W. has tentatively approved my implementation plan, though I expect there to be change requests once he actually starts working with the software.

    At this point, given the other tasks being juggled, I'm aiming for a minimum-functionality prototype by the end of November.

  • Had a long weekend. Enjoyed the long weekend. Long weekend highlights included making pumpkin pie (it's Canadian Turkey Day today), poking around at Minecraft Regrowth (I've found another grindy part), poking around on the shared-game server (I've started another spaceship), and dusting off another "archive things I care about from (web site I use)" script project (in progress but still lots to add).

  • Plan for the upcoming week is enclosure drawings, additional coding, touching base regarding two other widgets, and making a laser maintenance flyby. Plan for the upcoming weekend _was_ another boardgaming session, but that may end up postponed due to a scheduling conflict. In general, this coming week is business-as-usual.

Now, puttering and bed.
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