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Illness Week, Work Week, Minecraft, and Computer Wrangling

  • Spent the week of Sept 4th sick. It was just a cold, and it cleared up faster than it could have, but it still took me out for that time and burned half of my remaining vacation/illness days.

  • Did, however, spend more time working through Minecraft Regrowth. Several (automated) quarries later, I now have the materials I need to complete the gardening quests. I'm about two thirds of the way through the bee quests, finished the Blood Magic quests (though there's a lot more to pursue there if I want to), and am considering a Wither run (the golem method sounds safe and there are a couple of things I'd like Nether Stars for).

    Remaining quests are the corruption-based Thaumcraft quests, the Botania boss-fight quests, the remaining half-or-more of the Witchery quests, and then the Outer Lands dungeon fights (which I am not looking forward to). So far, the modpack continues to keep my interest.

  • Spent the week of the 11th dealing with a variety of work tasks. The last of the paperwork for the US work visa has been acquired and submitted; I'm now waiting on my old university to send a replacement diploma (to prove I've gotten that degree). One of the widget-related tasks involving a vendor is still dragging on, but it doesn't require much intervention on my part (just making sure that what they plan does actually meet our requirements). The majority of the week was spent on software development for the main project (the one I was hired for), which is going well so far but which is still quite a ways behind the originally-desired schedule. This will remain my priority task through the end of October (unless more firefighting tasks come up).

  • Continued trying to get Vectric's CAM software running under WINE. Continued failing to accomplish this (old versions reportedly run, new version crashes on startup, after successful installation). Tried to install one of my old licenses of WinXP on a virtual machine. That failed too, because IE can't access the internet (even though Firefox and "ping" can from that install), and Windows goes through IE (and only IE) for updates _and_ for registration (so I couldn't even activate the XP instance).

    Finally broke down and bought an external SSD and a license of Win10. Win10 is being installed on a virtual machine as I type this. I am not amused.

  • Plan for this weekend is relaxing. Plan for the coming week is software development, and a functionality check of the hardware for the big project (the rack to mount it all in arrives early in the week). Plan for the following weekend is boardgaming with friends on Saturday and teaching a course on maintaining the makerspace's laser on Sunday. The week after that should be more of the same, plus baking a cake for a co-worker's presentation dry-run. The MLP movie comes out on Friday of that week, so I _might_ make a trip to see it over the following weekend (waiting a bit for reviews and for the crowds to thin out is more likely).

Now, virtual machine wrangling and Minecraft.
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