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Incremental Enclosure, Paperwork Chase, Software Annoyances, and Minor Illness

  • Made incremental progress on the enclosure design. Prof. W. has spelled out why the extra feature he wanted is needed, and I've drawn a diagram showing how all of the pieces of the enclosure need to fit through the door of the room. I think we're on similar pages now.

  • Continued chasing paperwork for my work visa for visiting the US. This is currently held up on getting one of my diplomas re-issued (I found the other two, but they want copies of all three). This will take at least a couple of weeks and will involve running around (I need to get an "I lost the original" form notarized before they'll send me a replacement diploma).

  • Started coming down with what looks like it's going to be a nasty cold. This isn't the end of the world, but it'll take me out for 1-1.5 weeks based on previous history. I don't want to spread it to co-workers, and I'll be on the "pretty pony princess" medication combo, so going into work while sick is a Bad Idea.

    There's still a slight possibility that it's runaway allergies. I'm going to pick up appropriate work materials on Monday to take home just in case it's the real thing.

  • Tried to get XP running under VirtualBox so that I can use CAM software under Windows. Trying to run an image of an old XP partition failed, most likely due to boot loader issues. Making a fresh install worked, but IE point-blank will not connect to the internet. This is an IE issue; Firefox worked fine when I copied the installer over, and "telnet 80" followed by "GET" gave web-page results.

    This is a problem, because Windows Update _and_ license-key registration exclusively go through IE. The install will deactivate in 30 days without that (unless I want to hassle tech support by phone).

    So, I may have to spend $150 on a new OS license to run the $200 CAM software I bought that had been reported by third parties to be WINE-usable. I am not amused.

  • Amusing subway diversion: Deriving the laws of motion in a rotating reference frame (centrifugal, Coriolis, and Euler forces). I was shown how to do this in undergrad, did it for fun at least once after that, then forgot how to do it (made two failed attempts). I've finally figured it out again.

    Next up will be Kepler's Laws, which we were also all shown in undergrad.

  • Still poking at Minecraft. Still in the grindy part. Two chunks' worth of quarries later, and I have one but not both of the stockpiles of rare materials I'll need. I should have enough of the second material soon enough.

    Auxiliary task has been pushing out NetherNet corridors to link various sites. The first treasure-map site had a very mediocre treasure, but also came out right next to a cult-worship site, which I'll need for the endgame. The other two treasure map sites are farther away and involve extending tunnels through open air, so I'm holding off on them for now. A shorter open-air tunnel is almost done, though; this will link an outpost that I'd built a while back but haven't visited recently. There's an NPC hut nearby, which I'll investigate (these NPCs trade, but I might not be able to trade for the items I want).

  • Plan for Monday is a token amount of work, and synchronizing my work-materials USB key. That plus my notebook plus a handful of reference papers will be enough to let me work from home if anything urgent comes up and if I'm lucid enough to do so. Plan for the remainder of the week is either work (if this is a false alarm) or recovery-downtime (if I'm actually sick). Plan for the upcoming weekend is boardgaming if I'm ok, and lack of boardgaming if not. Priority work tasks are the enclosure followed by touching base on older tasks followed by starting the software task; queued non-work tasks are getting CAM software working and then doing the routing-pockets test I'd come up with last week.

Now, bed.
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