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Enclosure Progress, Documentation Search, and Minecraft

  • Produced a first draft enclosure design that Prof. W. is reasonably happy with. We're still wrangling over some of the details, and I've deferred a fairly difficult part of it to an add-on component, but progress has been made.

    Lining up vendors and opening communications with the preferred contractor is next on the list.

  • Made progress on work-visa paperwork. I _think_ all of the required forms have been filled out, but I still have to get supporting documentation. Transcripts for all three degree programs will be straightforward and fairly fast. Diplomas, not so fast. I've found two of them, but I might have to get the university to re-issue the third, which will take weeks. I've asked my parents to look for it among their keepsakes; hopefully it'll turn up there instead.

  • Got an approximate inventory of the remaining totes-to-be-sorted while searching for the diploma. The good news, which is also the bad news, is that I can probably find about a dozen boxes' worth of stuff to throw out to make the storage room usable again. The reason that's "bad" news is that it means I have at least 20 boxes of materials to sort in order to get there. This will hopefully wind down before the Christmas break.

  • Failed to get Vectric's CAM software working under WINE. It installs fine, but crashes immediately when it runs. Rather than fight with WINE, which is a poorly-documented nightmare if it doesn't work the first time, I'm going to try running an actual Windows XP install under VirtualBox. The old hard drive image I'd had failed to boot, so I'm going to have to dig out the install media and license keys for this and try on a fresh virtual-partition. Wish me luck.

  • Did, however, find a test pattern that should work for debugging the problems I've been having with the makerspace's router. Hopefully this will get sorted out (or at least diagnosed) next weekend.

  • Continued fussing with the "Regrowth" modpack for Minecraft. I've been exploring the last two magic systems (out of four), and have been making progress, but the modpack is definitely more grindy than it was closer to the beginning (though still nowhere near as bad as Agrarian Skies). I've found one of the three rare ores I'd been missing, but I still need to scrape together enough of the other two to complete the "make seeds that produce materials for you" quests.

    After that, I can either go for boss fights that still look unpleasant, or explore the "evil" side of the Thaumcraft magic tree, which involves sanity-loss (status effects and spawning in enemies, in practical terms). Neither of those is particularly appealing just yet.

    On the plus side, steam-powered quarries in the Nether work fine and are very convenient.

  • Plan for the work week is enclosure and chasing paperwork. I may also ping the vendors for the two nominally-designed components to check up on status. Plan for the upcoming weekend is downtime and possibly router work. Following that, I'll likely have to start the main software project that's been on the horizon at work, and relaxation-wise boardgaming might start up again.

Now, Minecraft and bed.
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