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Adapter, Design Tweaks, Requirements Gathering, Minecraft, and Carnival

  • Finished the adapter widget, and also machined a case for it. The case did not come out very well, but it'll be easier to file off relevant pieces of the current one than to machine a new one. Partly this was due to a design oversight (not leaving enough clearance between fitted parts), and partly this was due to the recurring issue with pocketing on the router (it walks, which leaves design pieces out of alignment).

  • Continued discussing implementation of one of the "finished" pieces of last month's widget. This is approaching final form, but until I hear back with a finished layout, I'm not going to count it as "done".

  • Started the process of requirements gathering for the enclosure design. I _think_ I have most of the mechanical information I need before contacting vendors (who will have their own mechanical constraints), but there's at least one sticking point already (making it narrow enough to fit through a doorway, which will help a lot but which Prof. W. doesn't like).

    This will be an easier sell if I can lay out exactly how much effort and expense a multi-part unit will involve, so that he can decide on his own that that's not worth it.

  • Visited the CNE, an end-of-summer carnival held around here. The last time I'd gone was about 15 years ago (as part of a group event), and the last time I attended _regularly_ was probably 30 years ago (as a kid).

    Several things I learned:

    • MSG and sugar are a strong memory-trigger. Carnival food reminds me of happy times (even if I can't eat it any more).

    • I'm still afraid of heights. The cable-car, the bigger roller-coaster, and the ferris wheel were the main offenders in that regard. I have no regrets, but this does help me know my limits for future trips.

    • I get motion-sick more easily as an adult than as a kid (or I'd just forgotten getting motion-sick as a kid). The worst offenders were ones I hadn't expected: swing rides. These look tame, but because they're driven by a rotating carousel, you get a slow spinning motion in addition to the up-and-down motion. This did not agree with me at all.

    Still definitely worth doing for nostalgia's sake.

  • Continued playing through the "Regrowth" modpack for Minecraft. I'd seriously underestimated the amount of time involved in the quests; the pace has slowed down considerably, so even though I'm about half way through the quest trees (or more), I'm probably more like a third of the way through the play-time.

    The current item I'm stuck on is finding three rare ores in the hell-dimension. Two of them I have, but not in sufficient quantity to grow magical seeds for them, and one of them I haven't found yet (it's the lynchpin of the second-to-last quest for that particular chain). On one hand, now that I can build (and power) automated quarries in the Nether, this may go a bit faster. On the other hand, that brings its own major annoyances (babysitting the generator, babysitting the quarry, and filling in all of the lava that gets uncovered during mining). The last item can be cheated around by exploiting a bug that lets you create water in the Nether, but I'd prefer not to cheat if possible.

    The main _upcoming_ difficulty will be boss-fights. The quest trees I've unlocked so _far_ involve two major boss fights and one mini-boss fight, and I'm sure there are several more of each. These have never been my forte (and I don't have the "Minefactory Reloaded" needle-gun this time).

  • Plan for this week is enclosure work and a makerspace maintenance flyby (delayed from last week). Plan for the upcoming weekend is downtime and handshaking over when the next game day will be. Plan for the following week is scrambling to finish the enclosure design and line up contractors. After that is (hopefully) work on the software that I was nominally hired to write.

Now, the work day.
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