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Design Milestones, Filler Project, and Minecraft

  • Reached milestones on two of the three components of the widget; these are now with their respective vendors for comments prior to fabrication. If I don't hear back from them by the end of the week regarding generating quotes, I'll ping them again.

    The third component is deferred until I have final design details regarding it from Prof. W. These should be in-hand by the end of August; in the meantime, it's mothballed.

  • Dusted off an old project as filler/downtime work: an adapter for one of the older widgets I'd built for the lab. This is progressing well, albeit more slowly than I would have liked. The goal is to have all of the code functional by mid-week (at which point I can think about making another custom housing for that part).

  • Received more parts for the Big System. In theory I could start hardware compatibility testing for it now; in practice, that's deferred until after the design work for the shielded enclosure is done. In theory, that winds down at the end of this month, but in practice I'm already two weeks behind on that schedule due to schedule creep on other tasks. We'll see how this actually goes.

  • Spent the weekend as downtime, with Minecraft. Long story short, "Regrowth" is still fun, but it may be even longer than I'd assumed. I'm getting a bit worried about the late game and endgame, as well, because there are several tough boss fights in the quest book. This should be manageable with strategy and by looking at how other people have defeated those bosses.

  • On a broader note, I've noticed that I've done almost nothing productive on hobbies for the last month, and precious little in the months before that. As far as I can tell, the work schedule and commute are hitting me harder than I'd thought; when I'm home, even on weekends, I'm exhausted. This says I should prioritize moving closer to work when the situation allows (and should continue being strict about getting enough sleep in the meantime).

  • Plan for this week is filler widget, and then resuming the project planning for the shielded enclosure. Plan for the upcoming weekend is downtime. Plan for next Monday is a video chat with Prof. W. to discuss the shielding plans to make sure I got all of the requirements right.

Now, puttering and bed.
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