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Week of Revisions and Weekend of Downtime

  • Spent the week with back-and-forth design discussions for two of the three components of the widget. These are now approaching final form, about a week later than intended. I have approval on the mechanical design of the holder component, which allowed me to revise the cable component to a version that's easier for that contractor to make. Hopefully-final drawings for that go out Monday. The positioner component also needs tweaking, but this is very minor (and drawings for that can go out Monday too).

    After that, I might finally be able to work on the nominal task for August (the EMI-shielded experiment enclosure).

  • Took the holiday weekend as all-downtime, as I was seriously burning out at work and having sleep issues that weren't helping. Both are much better now, though the acid test will be whether my sleep patterns remain stable during the week.

    Did get a token amount of work done; the Dragon magazines are now bagged and packed, and I have a written list of the missing issues. The inventory list has been sent to the two prospective buyers. If neither wants it, it's time to learn how Ebay's selling interface works.

  • Primary slack activity was the "Regrowth" modpack for Minecraft, again. My previous time estimate seems to have been fairly accurate, I think; I'm now around the half-way point. For most of the weekend I've been obsessively breeding up every plant type to perfect quality: this is overkill, but works fine as a background task (it's a series of short tasks with lots of waiting in between, so I work on other quest-paths while the waiting happens).

    The main changes since last week are that I now have mid-level mana generation infrastructure in place (so I can fill a mana pool or two without it taking a vast amount of time), and I now have a large basement full of industrial equipment (most of which is devoted to producing coke and/or steel; coke is what's powering the mana farm _and_ the industrial equipment).

    I'm still enjoying it. The next major tasks are setting up an effective mob farm (I finally have one, but it's fairly slow), and mining the Nether in earnest. The next major _quests_ are working through the two or three other magic systems in the game (I've done most of Botania and started Witchery; I need to do the rest of Witchery and then get started on Thaumcraft and Blood Magic). The last two magic systems in particular may end up being a time-sink. We'll see.

  • Plan for the work week is finalizing design arrangements, dealing with a handful of other small items that Prof. W. has flagged, picking up shipments that are due to arrive, and then taking the enclosure document out of mothballs and getting it into workable shape. Outside of work, there will be another makerspace maintenance flyby on Thursday. This coming weekend is un-allocated so far, but I should probably catch up on all of the errands I've been putting off. Hobby items on the agenda are finishing weaving in the ends on the Luna hanging, designing the next test item for the router (a gear train), and possibly un-mothballing the fic I'd proofread three quarters of for an online acquaintance.

Now, bed.
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