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Incremental Design and Incremental Minecraft

  • Made progress on the design of the three inter-related parts of the widget for work. The support frame and cabling have been heavily modified, though it looks like the subsystem I finished last week will stay unchanged. Negotiations over how exactly the cabling will get implemented should wrap up by mid-week, at which point I can get back to drawing up designs for the other two parts to send to our mechanical engineer for sanity-checking.

  • Finally got around to identifying all of the remaining unsorted boxes in the storage room. The goal of this was to find the missing issues in my Dragon Magazine collection; these are now identified and have been merged with the rest of the collection.

    There are more gaps than I'd like, but I still should be able to offload it without too much trouble.

  • Finished the border on the Luna hanging. As far as I can tell, the tension is right this time (though I should still doublecheck). Next up is weaving in the ends and fixing one interior mistake (loop that wasn't tied), and then I add loops to the edges for hanging-rods and it's done.

    Finding a place to hang it is left as an exercise.

  • Continued poking at the "Regrowth" modpack for Minecraft. I've hit the first pieces that are grindy (making a ludicrous amount of magical essence and making a ludicrous amount of charcoal), but these aren't nearly as bad as AgSkies was. The essence problem was easy enough to solve by breeding crops to maximize their stats, and the charcoal problem is in the process of being solved by having a reasonable-sized tree farm (rather than just a handful of trees for occasional needs).

    The quest paths branch more than I like (I favour a more linear game), and there are a number of "complete this for the sake of completing it" tasks (which get tedious), but overall I'm still enjoying it quite a bit.

    I'm between a quarter and a third done, I think, so this modpack has around 100 hours of gameplay in it.

  • Plan for the upcoming work-week is finalizing the widget and handing off fabrication to the two contractors involved. That will finally allow me to un-mothball the RF enclosure design, with the goal of handing _that_ to a contractor by the end of the summer. Auxiliary goal for this week is to build a print server for work, so that the printers can be password-protected (something keeps spamming them).

    Non-work plans are finishing the Luna hanging, then deciding which of several pen-and-paper tasks to un-mothball.

Now, bed.
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