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Week of Design Work and Weekend of Downtime

  • Spent the week working through iterations of the first subsystem of the mechanical widget that will be needed for the experiments. This is now very close to being done, thankfully; it needs to be drawn up and then go out to our mechanical engineering contractor for sanity-checking. Once I know what tolerances he's comfortable making it to and what the actual final dimensions are, I can spec out the second subsystem (the support frame). That should go much more quickly.

  • Pushed back the RF enclosure task to next month. Realistically, it'll take a full month to do, and realistically, the mechanical widget will eat the rest of this month. Prof. W. has been advised and is okay with that, as far as I can tell.

    Remaining tasks on the mechanical widget are drawing up the first subsystem per above, designing the second subsystem (leaving a couple of the dimensions as free parameters), and designing the third subsystem (cabling and mounting for the widgets this interacts with). That gets drawn up and sent off to a different contractor for sanity-checking, hopefully before the end of the week (ideally mid-week, but that's less likely).

  • Slacking task for the week: trying bookbinding again. The makerspace has a "stack cutter" type paper cutter, and it turns out to work quite well for trimming book edges. Next up, if I'm feeling brave, will be making hardcover-style covers. I'm not in any hurry to do that, though (softcover with book tape on the spine has worked fine for me so far).

  • Weekend _plan_ was to sort a few boxes, do mechanical design for another machining test (a gear train, so that I can be sure I have a handle on those before doing the clock), and then going in bright and early one morning to machine said gear train (the shop is empty on most weekend mornings, which gives me a comfortable amount of elbow room).

    Weekend _reality_ was sleeping in and then trying the "Regrowth" Minecraft modpack, which has been addictive enough to keep me occupied all weekend. It's a "quest"-style modpack, giving a number of incremental goals to be accomplished and giving rewards for accomplishing them. So far the pacing has been decent; we'll see how the midgame and endgame go ("Agrarian Skies" turned into a long enough grind-fest that I've never finished a game of it).

    Current sticking point is figuring out how to get fire essence/fire seeds/fire rune. There appears to be a chicken-and-egg problem that may require a trip to the Nether to work around. We'll see.

  • Plan for the upcoming week is work, with a makerspace flyby on Thursday for maintenance. Subway activities are rereading a (novel-length) fanfic I'd enjoyed, and working on the Luna wall-hanging (I redid the part I'd used the wrong colour for, so now I just have the border to do, and it's done). Upcoming weekend is downtime and hopefully getting things accomplished that I didn't do this weekend.

    Boardgaming with friends has been postponed until September due to scheduling conflicts.

Now, bed.
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