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More Detours, Incremental Computing, Job Option, and Missing Con

  • Made incremental progress on software abstraction and work visa paperwork, but spent most of the week dealing with additional high-priority short tasks. These have been mostly squared away, but there are still at least two items left to finish before I'm back to the big project.

    On the plus side, a lot of the short tasks contribute to the groundwork for system upgrades down the road. Among other things I'm getting my feet wet with hardware description languages and FPGAs again.

  • Got (almost) all of the parts for my new desktop machine. Missing items are a power cable (on order from Digikey now), and a network patch cable (which I can pick up from a store near work on Monday). I had to downgrade my monitor (the new machine uses HDMI, which the old monitor didn't have), but this is tolerable (and I can always buy a better one later). The new machine is a small-form-factor one with a VESA mount, so it sits on the back of the monitor iMac-style, which frees up even more desk space.

  • Finally started going through the OpenWrt documentation in earnest, and picked up a known-supported router to load it on. This is intended to replace my gateway/firewall machine, which is now shutting itself down intermittently (I suspect it's running without its CPU fan now). Once I have the procedures for this down, this may also be useful at work (the sensor network widget uses a router with stock firmware, which has already caused minor problems).

  • It looks like I'll be missing Feral this year. I'd been holding off on registering until after a complaint I'd filed from last year was dealt with (or at least acknowledged), but it looks like Feral has now hit the attendance cap (for the first time ever). Even if I got a phone call resolving the issue today (and apologizing for the late reply), it's unlikely that I'd be able to register (the waiting list is undoubtedly long). I'm disappointed with this (I've been attending since 1998 and the last one I missed was in 2003), but I'll live. Another attempt at contacting concom will be made this weekend or during the week.

  • Got an expression of interest (not an offer yet) for hiring me for a permanent position. Up-side: This is pretty much my dream-job, for several reasons. Down-side: This is in the US, in a state that as far as I can tell is doing its level best to live up to every negative "southern-US" stereotype. I'm told that the city itself isn't so bad, but it's still not an easy decision.

    Thankfully, I don't have to make a decision now. I'll be at my current position through the start of 2018 at minimum, and the prospective employer is nowhere near the point where they're extending a formal job offer.

  • Plan for today is relaxing, possibly doing more CNC work, and in theory phoning FeralCom (as email and their web form haven't gotten responses). Plan for the upcoming week is a meeting, more software design and prototyping work, and a makerspace maintenance flyby on Thursday. Plan for the upcoming weekend is downtime. The weekend after that will be boardgaming, for the first time in a while.

Now, getting the day's tasks underway.
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